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About us

Just like most of us, we are hard working people trying to provide for our families. One of the largest bills we had each month was the medical insurance premium. 


We could not afford this insurance any longer. So we researched other options which we are sharing with you today. We want you to know there is better healthcare available for less money with better benefits. We are not talking about Obama-Care!

Through extensive research I found the right solution for me and my family. Right now I have premium healthcare benefits for less than half the price. Money is not invested in a big insurance company, it's invested in an awesome non-profit organization.

As a Christian I want to share the information I have, so you can make a wise decision for you and your family. 

We compared pricing, benefits, services etc. of many major health insurance companies and compared them to alternative healthcare providers: You will be amazed at the results and the money you can save!

Please note, we do NOT work for Christian Healthcare Ministries or any affiliations of Christian Healthcare Ministries.




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