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The conclusion of our research to affordable, quality health 'insurance': 
  • Christian Healthcare Ministries - CHM's Gold Plan

Christian HealthCare Ministries Gold Plan is the answer and conclusion in this research to affordable, quality health "insurance" (it's an insurance alternative) without a high deductible. Now that we are members for nearly nine years, we had a total of 11 claims, and not once have they let us down. From pregnancy and birth of our son's in 2016 and 2020, to numerous ER visits, hospitalizations and surgeries.

Every single bill we submitted for every claim, from A to Z was paid for to the penny (2015 - 2021). As of 2022 there is a $1,000 deductible (Personal Responsibility). 

Why Christian Healthcare Ministries Gold Plan?
  • Use any doctor, specialist, medical facility or Hospital

  • Low monthly cost (in the 5 year scenario mentioned earlier, CHM was nearly $9K less expensive than Medi-Share)

  • Low deductible of $1,000 per year

    • $1,000 (PR - Personal Responsibility) per year, for medical events over $1,000

  • Excellent Maternity program

    • The best from our research!

  • Save 1000's of dollars each year compared to commercial insurance

  • No restrictions based on age, height, weight, or zip code

  • Pre-existing conditions are covered (see FAQ below)

  • FREE online doctors visits 24/7 

  • Incident related medicine included

  • Therapy and Home Healthcare included

  • Cataract surgery, Colonoscopy etc. included after PR/deductible

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Rehab (SNF) included

  • Congenital conditions included, see guidelines

  • Easy online claim submission

  • Spiritual support, all CHM members are like a church family

  • Excellent Customer Care

  • Medicare members welcome (no need for an expensive secondary insurance)

  • Their small print is understandable and reasonable

  • Reliable not-for-profit organization since 1981

Recently, many other "Health Sharing" organizations popped up. Many of them have no real reputation or financial stability, and are very "commercial". They are in it to make money and/or they are advertising on the radio/tv all the time (which you pay for in your monthly share/premium). There is nothing like an honest, non-profit Christian organization like Christian Healthcare Ministries.

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