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Looking for Better Health Coverage


  • Because you pay too much in premiums?

  • Because your deductible is too high?

  • Because you doctor is not "in network"?

  • Because you want to save money?


There is a great way to get the health coverage you want for an affordable price.

You can get
  • Lower Monthly Premiums

  • Save hundreds of dollars per month

  • Low deductible of $1,000

  • Choose ANY doctor, specialist and/or facility you want

  • Excellent coverage with low out-of-pocket expenses

  • Excellent Maternity program

  • No open enrollment date, you can enroll now and cancel at any time.

  • Affordable supplemental insurance to Medicare

Important to know:

  • No age restrictions

  • No age related premiums

  • Pre-existing conditions covered (see guidelines)​

  • Recommended by Dave Ramsey, the financial guru. 

  • In business for over 40 years!

WHO ARE WE? is not a company or a business! Neither do we get paid by any of the companies mentioned on this website. We are just a family who couldn't afford the insurance premiums anymore. We looked long and hard for affordable, yet good coverage. We were comparing the monthly premiums, deductible and even read and compared the small print / terms and conditions. Our in-depth research even included applying different type of worst case scenarios (like ER visits, hospitalization etc.) because we have chronic illness in our family. We compared many commercial and non-profit organizations to come to only one conclusion: saving hundreds of dollars per month and having great coverage, without a large deductible. We hope you find our website useful. Please share this page, so your family and friends may know about this as well.

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