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I was looking for an affordable insurance plan with a low deductible and good coverage for my family. Health insurance premiums are not affordable anymore, and when you have a claim you have this HUGE deductible! Before my research I had a premium plan which cost nearly $1,400.00 per month for a family of 3.  The plan had a high deductible. As a result we ended up with high medical debt. This is what motivated us to do this research and share the results with everyone!

Compare Commercial Insurance Companies

Below is a compact overview showing only the most significant results from the research I conducted. I was looking for excellent insurance coverage with a reasonable low deductible.  


We concluded that we didn't like any of the plans the major insurance companies offered, due to high out of pocket expenses and high premiums. Who can afford a $5,000 - $10,000 deductible???

Compare Commercial Health Plans 2024
Please note: the info below is not the conclusion to our research. Press the button below to continue and see the conclusion of or research

Prices listed are per person. Coverage and prices change all the time (usually more expensive!) and it also varies per person due to age etc.

Insurance Company           Plan                                                     Monthly Premium           Annual Premium        Personal Responsibility & overall review of benefits

Florida Blue

Blue Options Silver

BlueCare Gold

UHC Copay Select

UHC Golden Rule

Blue Select 2341





Max 80











Deduct. $9,100 - Max. out of pocket $9,100/year Low doctors visit copay, high ER cost, high testing cost.

Deduct. $3,600 - Max. out of pocket $8,600/year Reasonable doctors visit copay, high ER cost, high testing cost 


Deduct. $2,000 - Max. out of pocket $8,700/year Low doctors visit copay, low Rx copay

Deduct. $2,500 - Max. out of pocket $7,000/year. 
30% co-insurance you pay on most services. Reasonable doctors visit copay, high ER cost, Low Rx copay

Decuct. $2,500 - Max. out of pocket $4,500/year.
20% co-insurance on most services

Or continue to read the research below

Believe it or not but the Florida Blue Select 2341 is the least expensive in a period of 5 years for my personal situation, considering the following facts which are reasonable to assume when you have a pre-existing condition:

For this research I created this likely/possible scenario:
Period over 5 years, for a family of 2

  • 1x Hospitalization

  • 1x Urgent Care

  • 1x Special testing

  • 6x Primary Doctors visit 

  • 10x Specialist visit

  • 60x Prescription drugs tier 1

  • 30x Prescription drugs tier 2 

Based on the data above I found that the Blue Select 2341 cost me about $76,650 (over a period of 5 years) including premiums, deductibles and co-pays. 

While other insurance policies (which were less expensive in premiums) would cost me  $90K - $100K applying the same data mention above. The Blue Select 2341 cost of $76,650 (this is out of your own pocket!) is still a lot of money and it would be hard to afford the premium of $562.97 per person per month.

Continue to read because I applied the same scenario to an insurance alternative and saved ten thousands of dollars!


Conclusion: Commercial health insurance is way too expensive! How can anyone afford these amounts in this economy?

All we would do is sponsor some CEO of a big insurance company. The deductibles are crazy high!


The research continues as we are going to compare alternative options. Instead of investing in a commercial company, let's compare non-profit organizations who offer similar benefits.

Click on the image to see the comperhensive

spreadsheet which was created to compare

health insurance and get to the final conclusion of affordable quality healthcare.

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