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CHM+ (formerly "Brother's Keepers" explained

CHM+ is an addition you can add to the Gold, Silver or Bronze plan.

With the Gold, Silver and Bronze plan your total coverage is $125,000 per medical event. If you want more coverage then CHM+ is for you.

Brothers Keeper is a low cost addition which give you:

  • For the Gold plan: unlimited coverage amount per illness

  • For the Silver plan: an addition $100,000 per illness, per year, up to $1M

  • For the Bronze plan: an additional $100,000 per illness, per year, up to $1M 


Additional cost is $27 per month, per person (unit), up to 3 persons.

Final note on CHM+

$125,000 is a lot of money for a medical event! In most cases medical facilities give 40-70% discount if you are self-pay, especially non-profit hospitals and many other medical facilities.


Medical facilities boost up pricing because most people have insurance, and insurance companies only pay about 40% of what a medical facility bills out. The rest is written off. Therefor regular pricing is jacked up big time and when you are self-pay they are happy to reduce your bill, big time!

So it's not unheard of that if your medical bills add up to $200,000 they are reduced to 50% - 60%. In that case you are still within your covered amount without CHM+. Personally I did select CHM+ as it is such an inexpensive option for so much more coverage (unlimited with the Gold plan). 

CHM+ is a low cost add-on option. When combined with the Gold plan gives you an unlimited coverage amount for a medical incident.

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