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Will CHM really pay for my bills?

Yes! We are members ourselves and created this website to share how awesome this ministry is. We do not get paid for this and are not affiliated with CHM. This is from our own personal experiences. They really do pay as long as it is within CHM's guidelines (which are pretty straight forward and very reasonable), and the total of the bills (after discount) have to exceed your out-of-pocket:

  • Gold plan covers a medical incident over $1,000 and after meeting a personal responsibility of $1,000 (see examples here

  • Silver plan bills need to exceed bills of $2,500 per event 

  • Bronze plan bills need to exceed bills of $5,000 per event 

all before any self-pay discount from the medical facility/doctor etc. 


The 'premium' every member put in each month will be used to shared the medical bills members submit.  You have to be a Christian and attend Church on a regular basis. You have to have a faithful marriage. You can't smoke and have limited alcohol use. Click the button below to see their guidelines (which I studied out from A to Z, and in my opinion, are very reasonable and fair, from a Christian perspective).


Also, with the Gold plan you can not submit any bills under $1,000 (after any self-pay discount). Any bill (after discount) of over $1,000 you can submit to CHM through their easy online system.


Personally I have had many claims in the last seven years with CHM. Many times for kidney stones and everything related to that. Other times ER room visits, and we had our baby in 2016.

Every times CHM has paid in full for us (I have the Gold plan, which means bills over $1,000 are covered as long as they meet the guidelines. Disclaimer: Starting in 2023 CHM introduced a Personal Responsibility of $1,000 for the Gold Plan.  

I ended up paying $0.00 out of pocket for all medical event I've had since 2015 so the full claims from A to Z were fully reimburse to me by CHM.


Starting in 2023 I will have a $1,000 personal responsibility for the year. Still, there is NO insurance available with that low deductible and monthly premium.


I did had to setup a payment plan for the time being with all the medical providers until I received the money back from CHM. For the pregnancy it took a little longer, but for the ER visits they were reasonably in time for sending me my

check. The typical time is between 60-90 days.

"Every time CHM paid in full"
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