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Medicine or Prescription Coverage Christian Healthcare Ministries CHM

  • Routine medicine is not covered with CHM unless you have a medical incident 

  • Pay only $50 for more expensive meds (through PrescriptionHope $100 to 2,000+) see details below

  • Free discount card available from CHM

  • More money savings tips and trick listed below

What does CHM Cover for medicine:

CHM does cover medication if you have a medical event/incident and 3 months there after.

CHM could pay longer for your medication, if there is a "curable" plan in place.

For example; if you have been diagnosed with cancer and you need to take 6 months medication, CHM would look at your medical records and likely approve that medicine.

So how do I pay for medicine not covered by CHM?

As CHM doesn't cover your every day "routine" medication, we at did in-depth research to give you some of the best tips out there:

OPTION 1: Prescription Hope 

If Medi-Share or Christian Healthcare Ministries do not cover your routine medication then you can try this alternative program. If you are in need of expensive medication ($100-$2,000+), you can get this for only $50 per medication for a 30 days supply! This is not a discount plan. 

It's called "Prescription Hope", and is for the more expensive FDA approved brand name drugs. Prescription Hope can get a brand name drug that's $1,000+ retail for only $50.00

You have to apply, but most individuals and families are approved. Here is a screenshot of their website regarding approval.

This company charges a $50 service fee per prescription. After you give them the information they require they contact the manufacturer of your medicine and deal with them explaining your income and other variables. You can possibly do all this yourself and save $50. But for $50 you can let them do the work. You do have to sign up, but it's free to do so, and there are no hidden fees other than $50 per prescription for a 30 days supply. Please note that Prescription Hope is not a part of any of the sharing ministries. If you are not sure about Prescription Hope or you don't qualify, try the other options below.

OPTION 2: CHM's discount card

CHM's membership comes with a great discount card, in my research, better than many other discount cards out there! We compared a lot of the discount cards out there (whether they were free or not) and CHM's discount card was actually one of the best!

My wife is taking 2 types of medication. When we had commercial insurance our copay was $60 for each, so $120 per month. With CHM's discount card we are paying in total $75.00 for a 90 day supply (for both medications)!


Visit the website or their app, they as well offer great discounts and compare major pharmacies around your area and give you the best pricing!

More Money Savings Tips to reduce your medicine bills:​

  • Take advantage of the free Telemedicine option from CHM

  • Ask your doctor to prescribe a 90 day supply, you save money this way!

  • Ask your doctor to prescribe 'generic' medicine when available

  • Use the money you save on your monthly 'premium', in a savings account to pay for medication. Remember Option #1 as well!

  • Check out the medicine's manufacturers website; often they offer coupons and offer low cost programs if you don't have insurance (CHM is not considered "insurance")

  • Online pharmacies have discounted prices, especially for 90 day supplies. Just Google the name of your medication, you might be surprised at the pricing you find!

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