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Lab work

Lab work is not covered (unless they are related to a medical event).

Keep in mind: most lab work is related to a medical event. A medical event starts with a doctors visit and include all cost of procedures, labs, testing, medication, follow up visits etc.  

To save money on lab work there are great websites like which has significant reduced pricing on their lab work (up to 80% off).

They work with Quest Diagnostics Labs (and others) all over the nation. We investigated many lab discounted websites and this was the best one we could find, saving the most money and making it easy to get my lab work done.

You basically submit the lab order online, make the discounted payment and take your receipt to the lab.

Sometimes going directly to the lab stating you are self pay will save you even more money! Find the 1-800 number and call them, talk to the billing department. They will ask you for the CPT codes the doctor prescribed your lab work. They will give you patient self-pay pricing which is mostly significantly reduced. 

Tip: See also the money saving tips on how to utilize money for these types of expenses.

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