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Money Saving Tips $$


Having CHM will save you a lot of money compared to most commercial insurances. Just by switching you save money on the monthly 'premiums' which are a lot less.

Setup a savings account from the money you save from your current insurance. Knowing that the monthly share (premium) is only $235.00 with the Gold plan (or less with the Silver or Bronze plan), it typically would leave (a lot) of money left over to visit the doctor.

Get a savings account and put money in here what you saved on insurance premium:


  • Average commercial health insurance cost $541 per month with a deductible of $5,000

  • CHM is $235 per month with a $1,000 deductible per year


  • TOTAL SAVINGS $306 per month on premiums, per person!


  • I put this $306 in a savings account, and in one year It will ad up to be $3,672.00!

So in the event that your bills don't exceed $1,000 (like for a regular doctors visit you pay about $100 out of pocket) or if you need to pay for medicine, you will have a nice personal 'health savings account' which you can use without it effecting your monthly budget.

How can you save money if you have to:

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