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What is not covered by CHM?

Like most alternative and commercial insurances, the following is not covered by Christian Healthcare:

  • Any bills before you join are not covered

  • Regular doctor/specialist visits, unless related to a medical event/incident under $1,000 after self pay discount.

       See also: What to do when you need to see the doctor

  • Medical transportation (ambulance ground or air), unless in a life threatening emergency

  • Medicine, unless related to a medical event/incident.

       See also: What to do when you need medicines


  • ​Just like most regular commercial insurances, the following items are also not covered: 

    • Fertility, Gestation, Surrogate or Sterilization procedures/treatments, regular dental, vision, audiological expenses, cosmetic surgery, weight reduction, chiropractic and alternative treatments/medicines.

Vision and Dental options: click here

Pre-existing conditions covered! Click here

What is a Medical Event/incident?

I recommend you read the CHM Guidelines for a full understanding of what is covered and what is not. For more information or any questions you can always contact us.

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